Delivery bottlenecks due to COVID19?!

We are able to deliver! - Short delivery times - Brand-independent - Flexible

Due to the Corona pandemic, delivery times of single-use products have risen sharply, so that customer have to accept downtimes for their plants. Due to the rapid adaptation of single-use systems and their consistently high quality, they were used in the early stages of the pandemic to develop vaccines. Delivery times increased to 10,11 and even up to 12 months, some of which have become commonplace today.*

We at GEFA UltraPure are addressing this problem for you by offering your validated products in a brand-independent and flexible way, with significantly shorter delivery times. You are now asking yourself how we manage this? Even before the Corona pandemic, we massively increased our cleanroom capacities and, thanks to our open architecture, we can flexibly adapt and quickly assemble your single-use systems for you (Read our article on cleanroom expansion).

*Source: BioProcess International