What are single-use systems?

Single-use systems (disposable systems) are plastic components approved for the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry. They are used in the production of various media in the form of tubes, containers, adapters, but also pumps and sensors. They are usually delivered directly gamma-irradiated and sterilized, so that they can be used immediately while maintaining the highest quality standards (ready-to-use). As the name Single-Use indicates, these systems are only used once.


What are the advantages?

Single-use systems are manufactured, packaged and reprocessed in compliance with the highest quality standards. This means that they can be used immediately, without having to clean or prepare the process yourself. In general, the advantages can be summarized in cost and above and especially time savings. Furthermore, a much higher flexibility than with conventional systems is given.


How does an inquiry work?

Are you interested? Simply write or call us. We will first discuss your specific application with you and together we will look for an optimal solution. Afterwards you will receive a 2D drawing including a parts list for checking. With confirmation of this, you can then test the finished assembly as a demo.


What is the shelf life of SUS?

We specify a durability of 1-2 years for our sets.


How long is the delivery time?

The delivery time is very dependent on the demand and is optimally 4 weeks. Due to the very high demand, it can be up to 16 weeks.


Which suppliers are covered?

Our portfolio contains a large number of qualified suppliers. In addition to this, GEFA UltraPure is brand independent and can offer you many other manufacturers on request.


Do I have to re-validate my process?

No. Due to the access to the components you already use, a re-validation is not necessary.


Are welded connections (overmolding process) also offered?

Yes, our hose systems can be manufactured with push-fit connections or welded connections using the overmolding process under ISO Class 7 conditions.
The advantages of this welding process are that the inner diameter has a continuous lumen and no butt edges, and the welded seams create a secure connection and additionally protect against contamination.


Are there also reusable systems available?

Certain components can also be cleaned and used several times. This must always be checked in each individual case.


How will my goods be delivered?

GEFA UltraPure is delivered according to your wishes. We offer basically double packed sets (single packed sets for test purposes or other purposes are possible) and can deliver them in clean room quality or gamma irradiated/sterilised.


Is there a minimum order quantity?

There is no minimum order quantity.


Is it possible to receive a test set?

On request and after consultation we will be pleased to offer you test sets.