Single-Use Systems in Bioprocess Technology

Many end users manufacture their process systems in-house. However, this can often result in production delays or other problems if, for example, the connections between the various components are not established correctly. This can lead to cross-contamination and leakage, which is extremely costly. A simple solution to avoid production downtime, reduce the risk of contamination and increase efficiency is to use a ready-to-use system.


What are Single-Use Systems?

Single-use systems are assemblies of batch-related plastic components which are primarily used in the pharmaceutical, biotechnological and medical industry.

The development of a customized assembly starts with your specific application and design. At the beginning, all necessary components are defined and specified. These can be hoses, fittings, valves, filters, sensors, bottles and other components within the assembly. Each component is identified and listed on the drawing, which is submitted to the customer for approval prior to production. All drawings are given a unique number for quality and identification purposes. Once the design has been approved by the end user, it is assembled and packaged in an ISO-certified clean room.


Advantages of Single-Use Sets?

  • Customized and manufactured
  • Reduced workload and time for the end user
  • Reduced risk of cross-contamination and leakage
  • Elimination of cleaning and downtimes
  • More environmentally friendly than conventional systems
  • Quality and documentation control
  • Products are delivered "Ready2Use" and sterile
  • Steady supply security


Single-Use Systems by GEFA UltraPure

GEFA Ultrapure offers a wide range of standard and custom components for the German market. Together we can assist you in the development from the concept phase through pre-drawings, supplier qualification, approved drawings, prototypes, implementations and GMP assemblies. Each application in the upstream and downstream process requires a different approach, which is why we have excellent know-how in each area with our many competent partners.

We work with you to design and optimize your process with each component you specify. If required, you will receive a custom-made quality product which you can quickly and easily integrate into your process. If you have any questions, requests or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Talk to us or send us your inquiry. Our motivated and customer-oriented team will looking forward to support you in order to meet your needs quickly and efficiently.